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This page is a collection of Michael’s articles, newsletters, sources of inspiration and posts. These are offered to you as educational material and practical tips for health and wellbeing in everyday life.

Counselling: a brain and life changing experience

“Listening creates a holy space. When you listen generously to people, they can hear the truth in themselves, often for the first time. And when you listen deeply, you can know yourself in everyone”. (Rachel Remen, Kitchen Table Wisdom)   A close friend recently pondered as to whether counselling was quote, ‘just a whole lot [...]

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Women’s Health Week September 4th – 8th, 2017

Women’s Health Week September 4 – 8  “I’m rolling to your heartbeat, I’m dancing in your blood, I’m breathing in your water, My mother and my god” *   The female constitution tends toward Yin, relative to the male Yang. When I consider the health of the female body, mind and soul, I think of [...]

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Male Self Care

  Over four decades in practice, I have noted that the greater percentage, by far, of my clientele are female. I have often pondered this gender imbalance. One theory is that males harbour the delusion of invulnerability, the strong, independent species, being splendidly endowed creatures who require no assistance in maintaining sustained  health and wellbeing. [...]

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Getting The Sleep You Need

Insomnia "Night-time, the time of darkness and rest, is the moment when Yin embraces and nourishes Yang, which withdraws inwardly and settles down" . (Rossi E) Sleep - we need it each and every night. Unfortunately, many people are: Not getting enough sleep volume Not experiencing quality sleep and therefore waking unrefreshed Dreaming excessively Waking [...]

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Tennis Elbow – an acupuncture rescue

Just ask anyone who has experienced this localized affliction; it really knocks you around! Yours truly was recently subjected to this impairment and I can attest to episodes of a quite debilitating degree of pain and major limitations of movement and strength associated with the arm in question. Tennis elbow, lateral epicondylitis, is a painful [...]

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Silence is still golden

I have an old friend that has been helpful to me over many, many years. This friend often reminds me not to overdo things and that, paradoxically,very often, ‘less is better’. Allow me to explain. Many people come to counselling to deal with what appear to be impasses in their relationships. These ‘sticking points’ definitely [...]

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Transforming Head, Neck and Shoulder pain

Upper Body pain, tension, stiffness and restriction of movement is a  very common complaint treated in the clinic. Acute pain can bring your life to a standstill. Chronic pain debilitates, restricts quality of life and dampens one's mood, temperament, enthusiasm and energy levels. Whilst pain killing medications can bring wondrous relief in severe situations, we [...]

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