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Private Health Fund Rebates!

Great news! Michael is of course covered by most private health funds for acupuncture treatments and now by these funds for Counselling: BUPA, Medibank Private, AHM, Police Health Fund, St Luke’s Health, Emergency Services Health, Phoenix Health, Doctors Health Fund Grand United. The heart of Michael’s approach to healing is treating Mind and Body, Using [...]

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Counselling: Private Health Fund Rebates available with Michael

Michael now has Medibank Private and BUPA Provider Numbers for his services, and is able to provide rebated counselling sessions, if you are with these funds. More provider numbers for other health funds are only weeks away. These will cover members of: AHM, Phoenix Health, St Luke’s Health, Police Health Fund and Emergency Services Health. [...]

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Therabytes: Quick clinical tips for busy people

A Shoulder Issue We have heard a lot about this body part. If you aren’t enamoured with someone, you possibly give them the ‘cold shoulder’. It is where we carry around things of a serious nature, i.e., ‘shouldering our responsibilities’. We are asked to put in our best effort by putting ‘the shoulder to the [...]

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Anxiety: Trouble outside the comfort zone

I think it is safe to say, we all know what it feels like; it is just the degree of severity that might differ. Anxiety is one of the most common reasons that people seek assistance through acupuncture. It can present as a feeling of being unsettled, at one end of the spectrum, to a [...]

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THERABYTES: Energetic Ageing

‘Energetic ageing', means aspiring to being a healthy, contented and resourceful ageing person.  Below is a quote featuring ideas on navigating our latter years, with poise and dignity. It speaks to letting go, grasping the reality of ‘ambiguous loss’ and shedding redundant beliefs and ideas that can inhibit our freedom to be our authentic selves. [...]

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THERABYTES Quick therapy and lifestyle tips for busy people

A simple meditative technique Meditation is now a widely recognised and accepted practice. There are a smorgasbord of approaches and techniques out there to choose from. So, what is your preferred style and why? It is important to be aware that meditation is not something that is necessarily beneficial for everyone at all times. In [...]

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THERABYTES : Quick therapy and lifestyle tips for busy people

We are moving into the colder months of the year. It is time to stop eating vegies and fruit that are very hydrating and meant for the warmer seasons; e.g., melons, grapes, salad vegies and quantities of raw foods. For example, you should choose fruits that are locally seasonal, not seasonal in the northern hemisphere. [...]

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Counselling – outcomes quickly achieved

  Can you imagine therapeutic changes occurring quickly? When you last thought about going to counselling did the idea of spending weeks or months getting to a solution put you off? There is no doubt that counselling is a brain-changing experience. Research confirms that particular counselling approaches can deliver change processes in short time frames. [...]

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