What exactly are sticky stories, you might ask. This is a term I coined to describe our personal stories, often from long ago, but also possibly from recent experience, which refuse to be buried. They often disturb us in the night, causing the heart to thump in the chest, or tears to silently roll.

They take us to the edge of anxiety at times.  

They are stories of adversity that has come our way, of loss and grief, of missing our loved ones, who have died, or are cognitively absent, of serious illnesses, accidents, broken relationships, lost hope, and of the things we must surrender as we age.

When we are sharing them, raw, unprocessed feelings inevitably well up from inside, from where we have been unconsciously, physically archiving these stories.  As they rise, the feelings become caught up in our words. This is the sticking point. This is a sign of long-held feelings that have beckoned for expression and release. They can tend to flood rather than just flow, and lodge in the chest and throat as we grapple with sharing them.

These are not easy narratives to share, but are very burdensome and heavy to carry.

The biggest step is to be courageous enough to share these challenging stories. The place to take them is the safety, comfort and privacy of the counselling room. The relief is immediate and the processing of thoughts and feelings, means invoking positive change.

Yours in health,