About Michael Finn

My practice  in traditional healing and counselling now spans forty years . For my clients, this means an assurance of care, wisdom and advice they can trust. There is no substitute or short cut to clinical experience.

My practice incorporates and is centred around the  concept of the mind-body connection, which focuses on the whole person: body, mind, emotions, and spirit and the interconnectedness of each part.

My  focus is on clients’ experiences with depression, anxiety, grief and loss and long-term, adaptive conditions that are usually referred to as stress-induced.  These are often a gateway to  patterns of  chronic pain and dis-ease.

I counsel individuals, couples and families who are struggling to stay together and need fresh ideas to navigate impasses on  the journey of short or longterm relationships.

I leave no stone unturned in a thorough assessment of every client’s physical symptoms, emotional processes, medical and personal history. Each person’s unique situation is seen in context, which is the key to successful outcomes. Discovering where, how and when problems arise, uncovers patterns of disharmony and gives clues as to how pathological processes persist and how change can be facilitated.

The ancient Chinese physicians referred to a disease process having a root and branch. Effective therapy takes away the major discomfort (branch) and then goes after the deeper (root) cause. I utilise a fusion of counselling, acupuncture, herbal and naturopathic medicines, and lifestyle advice, to create for my clients a new narrative of health, balance and vitality.

Meditating BuddhaMy Quals:
Bachelor of Acupuncture (BCTA 1986)
Master of Counselling (QUT 2013)
Graduate Diploma of Traditional Chinese Herbalism

Member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA)
Registered by the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia supported by AHPRA .

For your peace of mind

Chinese medicine is now a registered health profession. A registered practitioner now requires a 5-year degree to be accepted under the national scheme. Registration requires that the use of the terms Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner be restricted specifically to those with recognised training.

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