Great news!

Michael is of course covered by most private health funds for acupuncture treatments and now by these funds for Counselling:

  • BUPA,
  • Medibank Private,
  • AHM,
  • Police Health Fund,
  • St Luke’s Health, Emergency Services Health,
  • Phoenix Health,
  • Doctors Health Fund
  • Grand United.

The heart of Michael’s approach to healing is treating Mind and Body, Using the metaphor of a tree: The roots tend to be longer term underlying processes, and the branches are often the pains or discomforts that bring the person in for treatment.

The body is pre-programmed for a return to balance, or ’homeostasis’; it just requires the appropriate stimuli and environments. In Chinese Medicine the mind influences the body and vice versa. Consider then, the benefits of a therapy that combines both acupuncture’s energetic physical balance and the psychologically-enhancing effects of counselling. In terms of working between the mind and body – e.g., ‘psychosomatic’ – this is addressing both the psyche and soma simultaneously.


If you want to experience this fusion:

Michael is in clinic on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at

Bardon Counselling & Therapies, 151 Boundary Road, Bardon.


To make an appointment call:

Bardon: 07-3368 1300

Michael: 0411 537 394,