18 01, 2015

Inspirations from Wisdom


‘When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be’ (Lao Tzu – 6th Century BC)   ‘The future enters into us………long before it happens’ (Rainier Maria Rilke)     ‘The true leap or growth of a person occurs when he is utterly alone. It is in human relationships or in [...]

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24 05, 2010



“Most living systems exhibit multi-level patterns of organization, characterized by many intricate and non-linear pathways, along which signals of information and transaction, propagate between all levels, ascending, as well as descending.” (From ‘The Turning Point’ Fritjof Capra. Pg 282) (From ‘Chasing the Dragon’s Tail’ by Yoshio Manaka, Kazuko Itaya and Stephen Birch. Paradigm Publications, 1995) [...]

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