I was sitting in my clinic recently thinking about booking in for a massage, as part of my self-care regime. Yes, practitioners need to take heed of all the measures they are constantly exhorting their clients to observe. I thought about how wonderful head massage is. I mean, I am into neck and shoulder work to be sure, but the pinnacle of massage sensation has to be the head/face massage. One can literally feel tension being Difficulty in businessmelted away. Head massage has a dreamy quality to it. And have you noticed that it’s a thousand times better than rubbing your own head? Amazingly, many people have never had their heads massaged ! Its as if the head isn’t considered a suitable massage site. So the first encounter feels a bit exotic.

‘Tired and Wired Syndrome’ is self-explanatory. The body is fatigued yet still very tight and on edge. It is even hard to get off to sleep despite the low energy state. This is one of my favourite treatments because it’s a true winner and my clients inevitably float away. It is not uncommon for people to state that they went home and had a one to three hour sleep, which, for them is an unusual occurrence.

The massage techniques are focused on the shoulders, neck and lastly head and face. These areas of the upper body can certainly accumulate layers of stress-related muscle tension. I finish on the head and face with a much slower and lighter touch, as such strokes tend to be more soothing and working subtely around the head isn’t at all disturbing to the client. The massage takes thirty minutes.

The next twenty minutes is an acupuncture experience. The goal is to select acupuncture point combinations specific to each individual’s stress pattern. Points to engender an increase in energy are an important aspect of this treatment,  the client being both tired and wired. As always, only disposable and extremely fine gauge needles are used. The client enters into a deep state of relaxedness. Soothing music enhances the overall sense experience.