A simple meditative technique

Meditation is now a widely recognised and accepted practice. There are a smorgasbord of approaches and techniques out there to choose from. So, what is your preferred style and why?

It is important to be aware that meditation is not something that is necessarily beneficial for everyone at all times. In life there are no golden rules that apply across the board in every situation. You see, even meditation can be used counter-productively. I only recommend meditation as an internal tool when I know how the client is intending to apply it, within the context of their everyday life.

The Inner Gaze meditation

 Assume a comfortable upright position, sitting, with back straight and comfortably supported. Close your eyes and engage in three minutes of deep, slow breathing, holding the breath for 4 to 5 seconds between in and out breath. Now, maintain that breathing pattern and look into the darkness that is ‘seen’ when the eyes are closed. Allow yourself to be absorbed into the void.