‘Energetic ageing’, means aspiring to being a healthy, contented and resourceful ageing person.  Below is a quote featuring ideas on navigating our latter years, with poise and dignity. It speaks to letting go, grasping the reality of ‘ambiguous loss’ and shedding redundant beliefs and ideas that can inhibit our freedom to be our authentic selves. This is perhaps a practical daily affirmation, to place above your bathroom mirror….

“Those who age best are those who travel lightest, who can jettison the prescriptive ideas they’ve cleaved to at one stage of their life, when they find them ill-suited to another. A certain suppleness of spirit is needed. Letting go of old narratives can be an extremely painful business; it involves mourning what never happened, as well as what did, and admitting failure, wrong-headedness and poor decisions. Most unforgivably, it demands that we recognise that life unfurls beyond our control”.
(Excerpt from: ‘How to Age’, by Anne Karpf)


So, who are your elders, mentors, or trusted guides in this lifetime?

This is one of the roles of counselling.  Counsellors draw upon a well of wisdom, the legacy of our past elders, philosophers and trusted mentors.  The goal is to enable us to  gain fresh perspectives that help us move into our futures….

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