Redhead looking in a mirrorMichael has been in practice for over thirty years. Three decades working with people has instilled in him the wisdom of awareness, equanimity, empathy and non-judgement, suffused with the qualities of warmth and attentive presence.

Michael has devoted himself to helping his clients navigate their way through the trials, tribulations, accomplishments, demands and the myriad of endeavours that constitute living in contemporary society. His practice promises care, balance, confidentiality, trust and respect.

Why are Counselling and Psychotherapy important and worthwhile and in what circumstances might one require the assistance of an experienced practitioner? We may require assistance in:


  • Dealing effectively with our responses to change, how we integrate it into our lives, and developing coping skills and resilience that support us through critical times
  • Identifying underlying relationship dynamics and finding ways of solving tricky sticking points in relationship; i.e., places we get stuck
  • Managing to move through difficult experiences of grief and loss, knowing that loss is sometimes suffered around things that don’t happen in our lives
  • Adapting to rapidly shifting social and economic circumstances
  • Ensuring we continually nourish and attend to our intimate relationships, especially in terms of our interpersonal communications
  • Seeking a sense of purpose and meaning in our lives
  • Keeping our important relationships fresh, exciting and stimulating notwithstanding the quicksand of mundane life
  • Being able to share our ‘inner life’ with those we trust, so as to bear grief and loss in a healthy manner
  • Weaving a web of effective and satisfying parenthood and surviving the teenage years (!)
  • Adhering to the pressures of family life
  • Maintaining a robust social life and a support network
  • Taking on the challenge of workplace conditions, employment pressures and at times, uncertainty
  •  Preparing for and managing aspects of retirement
  • Maintaining essential self-care above and beyond caring for our loved ones and friends
  • Dealing with critical life issues and transitions
  • Moving through a time of bereavement, finding meaning in our loss and a new sense of identity in moving on
  • Accepting the ageing process gracefully and maintaining health and vitality throughout our longevity

Michael Finn is a Counsellor  offering one-on-one counselling sessions and couples therapy. For bookings & enquiries please contact Michael on 0411 537 394 or send him a message via the contact link on the homepage.

Appointments are available Mon & Fri at Bardon Counselling & Natural Therapy Centre and Tue, Wed & Sat at Osteopathy on James in New Farm, Brisbane.