Many of my clients ask how they can improve on the sustainability of their health status. My answer is that one has to maintain  proactivity.  At any time we are under the influence of many and various  environmental chemical effects in air, water and  foods.

Many live and work in sedentary lifestyles, bereft of physical activity.        We are subject to ubiquitous and constant stress. Examples include :

the efforts we make in  maintaining our employment, raising families, study pressures, navigating relationships with our partners, friends, relatives and co-workers. Women must contend with very demanding multi-roles in society. They also  have the  menstrual cycle to contend with, which has a potentially huge impact on mind, body and emotions. Plus, for many people a healthy sleep pattern is very elusive.

This is a short list of stressors, as there are so many everyday factors and events, which have a huge impact on our health.

So, to offset the influences of these experiences, I recommend that my clients ensure they attend to themselves by having one regenerative treatment session per month, so as to stay above the ‘water line’.

The key to remember here, based on traditional wisdom is that  sustainable healthcare is preventative healthcare.

This approach is how we remain abreast of the pace of life and  how we contend with the ageing process.

Examples of what an acupuncture session might work on are : soothing  the nervous system, reducing the whole body effects  of stress, relieving tension, improving sleep, fortifying  metabolic  processes and balancing hormonal activity.

Of course one leaves an acupuncture treatment feeling very relaxed and healthily detached from the many sources of stress in the outside world. Sessions include advice given as to what is an appropriate diet for individual requirements and what very specific remedies will target our particular symptoms.

Some people come in regularly for a massage, just to be able to chill out and feel great in their bodies again.

As part of an overall massage,I have become especially fond of giving more attention to head massage over recent years. It has such a powerfully sedative and soothing effect and everyone loves it.