seaGreetings to you, one and all, as summer flexes its muscles and the tide of the year 2013 ebbs quickly away. I know it has been an eventful year and a very challenging one for many of you. There have been both ups and downs involving work and financial security, issues with co-workers and managements, ageing family members, births and deaths, family relationships, issues with partners, everyday stresses, disease processes and maintaining acceptable levels of personal health and wellbeing. I am ever privileged to be a part of your ongoing journeys, through victories, achievements, trials, tribulations, loss, sorrow, joy, resilience, struggles and positive intentions.

I am pleased to announce that I recently completed a Masters of Counselling at QUT. Notwithstanding thirty years of accumulated experience in the healing arts, it is very satisfying to have validated my professional presence in the counselling and psychotherapeutic profession. If you do the math, you will realize that unless I was a child prodigy, I am no spring chicken. However, this should come as an added assurance of confidence in me as your practitioner, given that like fine wine, counsellors just get better and better with age!! This will be the source of my extreme optimism as the years pass inexorably and I look more wizened, yet become ever more wise. There aren’t many professions where the older one looks the more one is sought after!!

As a result of university studies I have taken on board some new strategies and therapeutic skills. These now sit alongside an already comprehensive counselling repertoire. So, don’t hesitate in referring loved ones, relatives, friends or co-workers to my care, whom you consider would benefit from the attention, advice, support and direction such a well-rounded practice offers.
My practice from this point will involve a more robust approach to the dynamics of mind-body medicine and practice. This is based on the traditionally recognized connection between mind and body, a dynamic that is a cornerstone of traditional healing and medicine.

Counselling and Psychotherapy
I am continuing with one-on-one counselling and psychotherapy sessions and also focusing on couples and relationship counselling. Other areas of focus will be grief and loss, particularly involving bereavement. Of course my interest in treating anxiety, depression, difficult life changes and stress reduction are always big on the agenda. Should clients be living at a distance or overseas, I am available for online sessions using skype.
Many people have asked me what the difference is between counselling and psychotherapy and it’s a very good question.

Counselling is generally understood as a process which helps people achieve their goals or to function more appropriately. It has tended to have an educational, situational and developmental focus, featuring a problem- solving process and draws on the client’s inherent awareness and competencies. Counselling enables a person to access multiple perspectives and options, broadening their sense of identity and opportunity. It is very much concerned with behavioral change. Counselling is now more often practiced as a very collaborative experience between counsellor and client, which is highly empowering.

Psychotherapy is seen as remedial in nature and intent on problem-solving. I see it as an ‘heuristic’ process, which means finding solutions by problem solving. It often sheds light on aspects of personal history and one’s belief systems and their influence on present day health, happiness, and the notion of satisfaction and personal potential. This means working towards reparative change in life, allowing important insights into chronic cycles of emotional and physical problems.

Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Massage, Natural Medicines
My more pathology-based modalities still flourish so as to give relief from pain, dysfunction and dis-ease processes and to educate and empower clients towards preventative measures for wellbeing.

I am going to start 2014, with a six-week detox. After three years of squeezing in study, work and some semblance of a life, my body and mind are in need of repair and maintenance. I am happy to guide as many of you as are motivated through the beneficial process of a detox in the coming year should you so require. Booklets that explain what is involved in the six-week program and also a shorter two week detox, are available from the clinic. Can’t think of a better way to enter a new year than via a dedicated renewal campaign. Let me know if you’re interested.

Gift Vouchers
Gift Vouchers are available from both clinics. They enable the holder to have a treatment or therapy session of their choice or a combination of modalities. A one-hour voucher is $90.00.

2014, year of the Chinese Wood Horse
Under the influence of the Wood Element, the Wood Horse is one of the most patient and creative members of the Horse sign. While other members of the Horse sign are burdened with indecisiveness, the Wood Horse is capable of picking a direction in life and working towards clear goals. The Wood Horse takes this same determination into their personal relationships, which they are heavily committed to. With gifts of understanding and a calm demeanor, the Wood Horse is very successful in cooperative social situations. The Wood Horse has a bit of adventurous side and is not afraid to commit fully to the unknown. Although destined for success, the life of the Wood Horse will be challenged by some shortcomings. At times, the Wood Horse’s need for adventure can become detrimental if they do not think things through. Additionally, the Wood Horse is prone to bouts of stress and anxiety. In order to counteract these difficulties, those born under the Wood Horse sign are encouraged to spend time to maintain their emotional health.
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