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I know, I know……….the passage of time….fleeting, inexorable.. Thus we find ourselves plummeting headlong into the Year of the Sheep. But no matter how quickly time passes, we must find ways to care for and preserve ourselves.

According to an article I read recently, 2015 involves an energetic movement from the Yang, Wood Horse to the Yin, Wood Sheep:

“Energy is going to shift  to a more inward state. This is because the energy is moving from Yang (outward/masculine) into Yin (inward/feminine).
Yin energy is very creative, intuitive and gentle. Instead of everything moving fast and abruptly like yang energy, yin energy gives us time to focus, get centered and take stock over what we have created so far.
This year will be about knowing yourself clearly and deeply, forgiving yourself, clearing past wounds and accepting who you are… to nurture ourselves…to practice modesty, charity and to delight in the smaller, more delicate aspects of life…. to tune into our intuition and emotional well-being.
(from foreverconscious.com).

In essence, the Year of the Sheep has a focus on self awareness infused with self care, as echoed in ancient Taoist wisdom:
“Essentially, the principles of preserving a long and healthy life are quite simple and not at all mysterious. The key is to have self respect, self love and inner joy, and an attitude of valuing all forms of life, at the same time lovingly distancing oneself from anything harmful, cruel and fierce….to encourage self responsibility for … our thoughts and attitudes and consequent actions, and to perform self preservation exercises actively, progressively and persistently while at the same time guarding against lethargy, non supportive attitudes and destructive, judgmental feelings towards oneself and others.

 In this way, your vital energy will not be consumed quickly but will be strengthened and even stored little by little to improve your health”.
(Taoism and Self Cultivation by Wang Zhi Gang)

So, what is the easiest way to manage self care inside our busy 21st century lives?
How about a proactive, monthly session with a Mind and Body Specialist?

Someone who:

Maintains a vigilance around your emotional and cognitive processes
Teaches you ways to remain centred and stress-tolerant, no matter what circumstances occur in daily life
Helps you develop a heightened level of self awareness
Can decipher fluctuations in your crucial feedback, such as energy levels, sleep patterns, digestive functions, immune responses, musculoskeletal integrity, hormonal flux and so on.
Assists you in recognising what foods are the best fuels for your individual needs
Advises you on how to navigate the demands of relationship maintenance
Supports you through the tougher times of loss and unexpected change
Who you going to call?

Michael is now working full-time at Bardon Counselling & Natural Therapy Centre.
He maintains a ‘No Stone Unturned’ approach to your ongoing and sustained health and happiness.
Call him on 0411 537 394 or the Centre on 07-3368 1300 and benefit from the inspiration of this, The Year of The Sheep.

Warmest regards,