‘Spreading’ ideas

 Just in case you are looking for nutritious and very yummy ways to make toast more interesting, here are two ideas for butter substitutes that are packed with nourishment.



  1. Pour Extra Virgin Olive Oil into a sealed container. Place this in the fridge. Next day you have solidified oil that can be used as a spread. I love it, but then I have loved olive oil for decades. I consider it to be one of the super-foods, and it comes as no surprise that it is a big part of the now famous Mediterranean Diet* that is receiving much attention for its health benefits.

I am a big fan of an Australian brand of olive oil called ‘Viva’. Their oils used to be in supermarkets, but like a lot of foods, they disappeared off the shelves. Thankfully, you can order them online:


Viva, produce an Early Harvest and a Late Harvest olive oil. If you are a seasoned olive oil consumer, then go for Early Harvest. If you are just developing the taste, my advice is start with Late Harvest.

There has been an idea around the natural medicine world for many years that locally grown produce is more easily recognized by the body and therefore better absorbed and healthier for you. This resonates with me and so I love the idea of Australian olive oil!

2. If you desire something tastier, lather this on your sourdough:


Olive Oil – 1 cup

1 Lemon – juiced

Organic Tahini – ½ jar

Garlic – 2 cloves (bruised then crushed)

½ teaspoon ground Cumin

½ teaspoon Sweet Paprika

½ cup chopped Parsley

Pinch of Sea Salt and a couple of shakes of Black Pepper

Blend all ingredients together and add water if necessary.

Store in the fridge.


                 Breakfast or snacks will never be the same again!


* Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet:


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