Too Early for Work


“Night-time, the time of darkness and rest, is the moment when Yin embraces and nourishes Yang, which withdraws inwardly and settles down” .
(Rossi E)

Sleep – we need it each and every night. Unfortunately, many people are:

Not getting enough sleep volume
Not experiencing quality sleep and therefore waking unrefreshed
Dreaming excessively
Waking too many times throughout the night (for various reasons, sometimes physical, sometimes psychological)
Not able to switch the mind off and therefore struggling to surrender to sleep
Eating too late in the evening (metabolic activity can hamper sleep)
Consuming too much caffeine or alcohol (nervous system disturbers)

It doesn’t take much sleep deficit to have a major impact on one’s quality of life.
Energy levels drop, stamina is compromised, nerves become frayed, moods swing, patience is tested with little provocation, memory is impaired and concentration is poor. In short, we begin to lack energy, enthusiasm, resilience, forebearance, clarity of thought, and can often become very sleepy during the day, especially after meals. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) terms,

“Disturbed sleep is the nocturnal equivalent of restlessness during the day”.
(Rossi, E)

So, clues as to how to treat poor sleep patterns may in fact manifest in the daytime hours. TCM looks at lifestyle factors such as: stress, e.g., workplace, studies, relationships and so on, emotional shifts, age-related changes, exercise / activity levels, hormonal shifts, diet and eating patterns, medical history, e.g., recent infections, chronic symptoms, and occupational pressures such as shift work and so on.
The basic aim is to influence and rebalance the Yin and Yang of body and mind, so that the Yin can once again embrace the Yang, creating that quiet state of the spirit, necessary for sound sleep.
The measures utilised include massage, acupuncture, herbal medicine, breathing and meditative techniques.

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(Quotes taken from ‘Shen – Psycho-Emotional Aspects of Chinese Medicine’, by Elisa Rossi, 2007)