Depositphotos_33809081_xs(1)Health and wellbeing are a manifestation of vitality. I evaluate my clients’ vitality, in great part, through their energy levels. It is essential that we all become accustomed to tracking our own energy levels. The calibrations of one’s levels act as a pilot light to the efficiency and functionality of many essential metabolic processes.

Think about our responses to the performance of our cars. Have we not developed an awareness, a sensitivity to the car’s acceleration, the turning over of the ignition, the fuel efficiency? If any of these begin to deviate from the norm, we don’t normally leave it too long to have the cause identified and rectified, do we?

I use a scaling system when I ask clients about energy. I also want to know if they have, over time, ‘normalised’ their gradually deteriorating energy levels. If you are running at say, 5 out of 10, for a long time, have you accepted it as the new norm?  This can be a slippery slope towards poor health.

Energy Quiz

Where would you put your overall energy level of the last three months, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being exhausted and 10 being optimum performance?
If your answer isn’t say 9 or 10, can you ascertain what factor(s) might be responsible?
Do you notice any patterns to your energy level changes?
Are you happy with your energy level?
What level on the scale have you decided is acceptable long term?
Do your energy levels fluctuate quite substantially? If so, from what to what do they swing?
Can you imagine having say a nine or ten? If not, why not?
Do you notice that energy levels affect your moods, feelings and thought processes?

Some of the potential reasons for impaired energy:

Poor digestive functioning – including food intolerances, allergies, sensitivities, IBS, indigestion, etc
Insomnia and poor sleeping patterns
Stress – can lead to emotional, physical, or cognitive   imbalances
Workplace tensions
Sex – temperance is always a good idea
Excessive use of Mood Tweakers  (i.e., energy stealers): Coffee, Tea, Caffeinated drinks, Sweet foods, Alcohol, Nicotine
Medications, Hormone Therapy
Exercise – too little and too much
Poor recovery from infections;  recurrent infections
Relationship dysfunction – lost mojo, mood swings, decreased libido, no zest, low enthusiasm etc.
Chronic Illness
Being ‘Tired and Wired’ – a very common state in today’s fast-lived life
Recovery from Pregnancy/Childbirth/During Breastfeeding
Premenstrual phase of Cycle

You’ll notice that I haven’t listed ageing as a reason for lowered energy states. This is because after thirty years in the healing and preventative medicine profession, I do not accept that low energy is synonymous with getting older.

In my opinion, whatever you believe in will become your fate. Never underestimate the power of expectations!
If you believe ageing leads to decreased energy, it follows that you won’t engage in lifestyle modifications to address this. It becomes a fait accompli, because you reap what you sow.

So do book a session with me if you want more out of your body than you are getting and then enjoy the enhanced wellbeing that ensues.

Warmest regards this winter,

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