It is not talked about all that much over coffee or around the water cooler at work, but having a lower than desirable libido or sex drive is a Happy African American Man & Woman Couple Embracingpretty common issue out there. People are generally shy about such things, which is completely understandable. There are many possible reasons why this lack of drive might occur, including hormonal change, metabolic or physiological shifts, excessive dietary sugar intake, the ageing process, profound energy depletion, psychological factors, medication side effects and so on.

It is important to rule out possible causative disease processes, initially, by consulting with your heath care practitioner and having a thorough work-up. Generally clients come in hoping I can suggest a magic pill or herbal formula. Despite the many adverts heralding such promises on the internet, the reality is generally not so simple.

In all cases however the altered drive is a signal emanating from a system that something is not operating well. The body’s organ systems aside, a system that can be overlooked in regards low libido is one’s intimate relationship. A low libido could be an amber light in the two-way-street of interpersonal communications in a relationship.

Every relationship is unique and needs to be explored as such. Notwithstanding this, it is common to see a couple suffering from some measure of communication breakdown alongside the complaint of disturbed sex drive from either one or both partners. I regard quality interpersonal communication as part of the essential groundswell of intimacy. Should this be thwarted or eroded over time, it is common to witness interpersonal rifts developing, for moods to swing and for bodies to signal their displeasure.

This is a critical juncture in a couple’s relationship life. It is often beneficial to invite in a counsellor, to help explore habitual communication styles and generate ideas and perspectives designed to enhance conversation, attentiveness and intimacy.

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