1 09, 2014

Oriental Medicine’s Clinical Gaze


The following is an excerpt from the foreword - written by Ted Kaptchuk - to the book, ' Fundamentals Of Chinese Medicine ' by Andrew Ellis and Nigel Wiseman. 'Change is constant. All sensations, motivations, functions, activities and events are a manifestation of complimentary opposites. This dialectical perspective is symbolically described by the principles of [...]

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24 08, 2014



JOURNAL OF CHINESE MEDICINE NUMBER 37 SEPTEMBER 1991 Taoism and Self Cultivation by Wang Zhi Gang Translated by Tao Ming Hua https://www.jcm.co.uk It goes without saying that maintaining good health and enjoying a long life is desired by all. Although there are certain people who are blessed by nature and live healthily and happily to [...]

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