Michael Finn’s Clinical Approach

Michael Finn’s practice now spans more than thirty years and is an approach where East meets West, a confluence of Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Counselling and Psychotherapy. The cornerstones of Michael’s clinical work include Evidenced-based Mind-Body Research, Transpersonal Psychology, Taoism, Zen teachings, Postmodern Social Constructionist thought, Collaborative Therapy, Solution-focused Therapy and Constructivist theory. Michael utilises an ‘heuristic’ approach, which means healing through problem-solving. He facilitates the optimum environment within which each client’s personal goals are attained.

Michael specialises in one-on-one counselling and psychotherapy sessions as well as couples and relationship counselling. Areas of special emphasis include: Grief and Loss, particularly involving Bereavement and Trauma.

Michael’s more general counselling areas deal with: anxiety, depression, difficult life changes, the ageing process and stress reduction.

Michael teaches interested clients a Zen-inspired Meditation technique which promotes self-awareness and assists in minimising the effects of stress in everyday life.

He delivers effective strategies that enable people to better deal with everyday and long term stress, acute and chronic illness, emotional upheaval and critical life transitions. This translates to alleviating pain and discomforts initially, and then teaching clients how to sustain a high degree of wellbeing over time.