Michael Finn

Michael’s work in Counselling and Traditional Chinese Medicine now spans over thirty years. His healing mantra is  ‘no stone left unturned’.

This sums up his dedication to finding the right path for each and every person who are under his care. The goal is personalised, successful outcomes for his clients, guided by the realisation that each and every client is unique.

The ‘mind-body continuum’ is the cornerstone of Michael’s approach. He sees the vital importance of  emotional, mental and physical wellbeing and on developing an awareness of our stress patterns and how to deal effectively with them.

This approach is an integration of Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Counselling and Psychotherapy. Michael offers his health services to you, your loved ones, friends, workmates and acquaintances, as you navigate the challenges, trials and tribulations that are part and parcel of everyday life in this 21st century.

What is it we want?

To fully experience our aliveness.
To feel in our bodies a streaming, like the rush of the river over stones.
To be awake alert and responsive in our limbs, and sensitive in our fingertips.
To feel as if our inner and outer reality is congruent and that our efforts are rewarded by a sense of satisfaction.
We aspire to have our private lives nestle within the valley of a public world, which we can affirm.
We long to feel connected to each other.
We want to be able to embrace and be embraced.
We want to live the lives of our bodies, to permit us to fully live our lives.
Chinese medicine is a beginning.

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